The selective harvest of mature trees from the woodlands and the removal of dead trees is recommended by county and sate foresters to; improve the quality of the forestland and to ensure the healthy growth of younger trees.
Turtle Creek Forest Products' harvest's choice hardwood timber from privately owned forest lands throughout the Midwest and sells them to top buyers in both the domestic and export markets. Most Importantly our landowners are paid top dollar and upfront in full before any harvesting even begins. 

In this industry there are many practices involved in successful selective tree logging. Here at Turtle Creek Forest Products, we not only put those practices into place but we also focus on what we consider the two most important elements:
  • Acute Environmental Awareness - Making sure there's little impact on surrounding forest while still using cost effective logging practices.
  • Customer Satisfaction
Our qualified and motivated staff spend countless hours in order to ensure these practices are always being followed.
Our Mission:

To go the extra mile in providing honest and professional service to our customers, both foreign and domestic, in the deliverance of American hardwood products that are guaranteed to be of the highest quality and reasonable priced.
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